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About Quad Revolution

Born from a true passion for ATV racing, Quad Revolution  was founded in 2004 by ex ATV racer Paulo Costa, who had been involved in most forms of ATV racing from flat rack, oval, MX and Off Road way back when Yamaha Blaster were still the machine of choice .

In 2004 we were onto the ATV of choice at that time, which was the Yamaha YFZ450 and were searching for a performance exhaust system that was way out there and really cool. We came across the HMF products and on purchasing the system they offered us the chance to become the South African distributor. So being racers we thought it would be a great idea to race and promote products we used, so the search began for other suppliers of really trick and quality products.

Striving to find the best products we could use on our own ATV's to stay at the top level and at the same time help our clients do the same by using only the best products available.

Over the years we have helped many a young rider and old for that matter win championships and series in all facets of ATV racing but its not only the racing folk that use our products. People doing many adventure rides use our products to help with performance, comfort, safety and help fight fatigue which is encountered during day long rides.

We keep striving and inventing.

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